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History & Compliance

Who is organising the Post-Sanctions Iran Commercial Aviation Spare Parts & Maintenance Congress 2016?

The summit is being organised by the London Business Conferences Group Ltd. (LBCG), registered in England & Wales, which has ten years of experience organising transport, engineering and construction conferences across automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing, innovative materials and construction. 

Why is LBCG organising this summit?

Following the signing of the historic Joint Comprehensive Protocol of Action (JCPOA) in July 2015, were lifted on 16 January. This summit will bring together key decision-makers from Iran's aviation sector with leading figures from the global aviation community to forge opportunities for the future. 

What is the current status of sanctions?

Sanctions relating to Iran's nuclear programme have been lifted but other sanctions will remain in force - the date of relief of these sanctions are unknown.

The Post-Sanctions Iran Commercial Aviation Spare Parts & Maintenance Congress is a forum for information gathering and networking and certain business transactions may be restricted by sanctions.

While LBCG has sought legal consultation with respect to our own compliance and has only invited individuals and entities that compliant with European Union and OFAC sanctions regulations, LBCG takes no responsibility for the status or activities of delegates, nor their consequences. 

Delegates and sponsors must seek their own legal advice on the nature of activities in which they may or may not engage. The defined activities vary from country to country. 

To whom will I pay my delegate or sponsorship fee?

Delegate and sponsorship fees will be paid to LBCG's bank account in the United Kingdom. Any profit generated by the event will accrue solely to LBCG and will be retained in the United Kingdom.

Will LBCG receive any funding from Iran for this Congress?

No. LBCG will only generate revenue from foreign delegates and sponsors and will not receive any funds from Iran or from any Iranian companies or organisations.


In December 2015, the Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference in London, organised by London Business Conferences was the first conference since Adoption Day to bring together overseas businesses looking to expand into the Iranian market. Delivering expert insight and due diligence preparation, the event spearheaded business preparation for over global 110 companies and laid the framework for doing business in Iran. 
In May 2016, the Post-Sanctions Iran International Commercial Aviation Spare Parts & Maintenance Congress will hold up a magnifying glass to Iran's aviation sector, exposing the opportunities and limitations for suppliers and companies looking to work with Iranian airlines.
After close consultation with directors and senior decision-makers across key stakeholders in Iran and the MRO and OEM space globally, the event breaks down the challenge and will put companies in touch with experts and leaders in Iran's aviation sector to offer them a competitive advantage in the market.
To learn more about LBCG and our events across all engineering sectors, visit:


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