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Iranian Commercial & Business Airlines Including...

  • Iran Air
  • Aseman Airlines
  • Iran Air Tours
  • Nasim Airlines
  • Atrak Airlines
  • Iranian Naft Airlines
  • Kish Air

Congress Designed To Deliver Benefit For All Suppliers Including:

  • OEMs
  • MROs
  • Tier-1s
  • Tier 2-3s
  • Low-End Component Suppliers
  • Mid-End Component Suppliers
  • High-End Component Suppliers

Covering All Flight-Critical And Airline Part & Sub-Parts Of...

  • Engines
  • Avionics
  • Aerostructures
  • Power Systems
  • Landing Gear
  • Brakes
  • Interiors

Site Map - Iran Commerical Aviation Congress

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... For Overseas Aviation Spare Part Suppliers, MROs And Iranian Airlines

Meet The Airlines : Tailor business proposals and formulate profitable business relationships with Iranian Airlines

Plan Ahead : Understand the future demand of Iranian Airlines for the next 10 years to stay ahead of the competition

Formulate The Business Case : Know the costs of exporting to Iran to fully understand the scale of investment needed to enter the region

Learn What Can And Can't Be Done : Be aware of sanctions affecting the Iranian Aviation industry navigate the market with ease

Understand How Suppliers Will Get Paid : Know sanction-compliant options for getting paid when doing business in Iran

Meet Overseas Suppliers : Meet decision makers of new parts and technologies to upgrade your existing fleet

Begin Cooperation : Work with overseas businesses to modernise existing and new fleets

Understand Supply : Deliver your shopping list to overseas suppliers to fill your fleet demand

Accelerate Your Procurement : Distribute your contact list and get in-touch with suppliers from high-end to low-end components, from engine components to interiors




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